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    We assist in the promotion of Kenyan coffee

    on the international market

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    Members benefit from regularinformation

    Such as Statistics & Monthly Reports

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    We disseminate Coffee Industry information

    to our members

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    We provide a forum for

    discussion and exchange on coffee matters

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    We provide a forum for

    discussion and exchange on coffee matters


The Kenya Coffee Traders Association (K.C.T.A.)

was registered on 17th April 2002 under Section 10 of the Societies Act, following changes in the Coffee Act.

The Association has enjoyed loyal support from industry stakeholders across the value chain -Millers, Marketing Agents, Dealers, Warehousemen, Roasters, and Coffee Equipment suppliers - and through effective consultations with AFA-Coffee Directorate, Coffee Research Institute and Nairobi Coffee Exchange, has established itself as a highly respected and professional coffee trade association.

All members subscribe to a code of conduct which provides a framework for responsible and correct business practices within the laws of the republic of Kenya. Various social functions throughout the year ensure that members meet regularly , providing for continuous active dialogue.



Provide reliable source of expertise and experience within the Kenya Coffee Industry.



Advocate and support efforts towards strengthening the Kenya Coffee Industry.


Objective 1

Represent and further interests of member companies in the Kenya Coffee Industry.


Objective 2

Promote Kenyan Coffee and its industry in the international market.


Objective 3

Act as a forum for discussion and exchange.


Objective 4

Disseminate coffee industry information to the members.


Objective 5

Promote better trade practices and business efficiency for the Kenya Coffee Industry.


Objective 6

Engage in dialogue with the statutory bodies in Kenya to advice on policy reforms and Collaboration for strengthening best practices and a sustainable future for the Kenya Coffee Industry.

Expertise and Experience:

It is a platform to network and enhance business relations with experts who are savvy and passionate about coffee.

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Market Information

Members receive relevant constant information to stay abreast with what is going on in the Coffee Industry i.e. Market reports, Statistics and industry updates et al

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Lobby and Advocacy

Through collaboration, we are constantly working behind the scenes to advocate and lobby for the interest of our members as well as the entire coffee value chain. Also, together we are able to influence better trade practices and policies.

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Business Efficiency

Members subscribe to a code of conduct that ensures best practice in the industry and fosters trust with potential customers whilst doing business in Kenya and Internationally.

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2014/15 Total Exports in MT


2013/14 Total Exports in MT


2012/13 Total Exports in MT

Member Register includes

Exporters (Dealers)

They are key to the supply chain linking the origin and consuming destination and bridging the time gaps between supply and demand. In addition to providing finance to both sellers and buyers, taking on the price risk, as well as the overseas marketing, commercialization and logistics functions and coffee quality expertise that has taken decades to harness.

Millers and Marketing Agents

They promote coffee farming by offering vital supply chain services that include financial advances, extension services, corporate governance and certification, aimed at increasing coffee yields, quality and value. Investment in new milling machinery also enhances the value of the final product, and improves efficiency.


They ensure quality of coffee through provision of storage and logistics expertise (issue coffee warrants which are important legal and trade documents) on behalf of both the farmer and exporter.

Others Include

Coffee Equipment Suppliers,Shipping Lines and Roasters.

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